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Apex Recent Developments

The Apex area is gaining traction with new developers and businesses

Phase 1 + 2 - Vegas Industrial Park

The Apex area is gaining traction! Infrastructure and new development projects are making promising headway for the area. Phase 1 of the waterline is completed, and Phase 2 is promptly beginning construction. These segments of the waterline will deliver water up to Apex Central.

Ball Corporation will soon be calling Apex home as they recently purchased 90.96 acres in the Miners Mesa development, just south of Vegas Industrial Park. Ball Corporation is a leading aluminum packaging manufacturer for beverages, personal care, and more. The company plans to spend an estimated $290 million on their Apex manufacturing facility and create nearly 180 jobs.

City View Business Park was recently purchased by developer VanTrust on March 31, 2021. VanTrust has plans to build a 4.5 million square foot industrial park on the site. VanTrust plans to start infrastructure work in the fall and have Phase 1, comprising of 1.5 million square-feet, completed in 2023.

More businesses and developers are beginning to call Apex home. In Apex Central 127 acres recently traded hands. North Point Development is planning to build a total of 2.04 million square feet south of Vegas Industrial Park. Another business just east of Vegas Industrial Park, Kushberry Farms, recently completed a 30,000 SF cultivation building.

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